FORZA XPERT Nano Electro-mesotherapy

The FORZA XPERT is a revolutionary aesthetic device that combines nano-penetration and electroporation technology as a single treatment.
Dermaqual’s Electroporation Microchip System has proven itself in professional, highly advanced therapies. The increased infusion of powerful vitamins into the mesoderm provides visible, natural results during aesthetic and dermatological procedures.

The FORZA XPERT stimulates the skin’s cellular activities and increases vascular microcirculation. Based on innovative technologies, the FORZA XPERT helps to speed up the skin’s metabolic rate and thereby enhances all its functions: product absorption, cellular renewal, collagen and elastin production, and resisting cell aging. This leads to long-lasting skin rejuvenation. It can eliminate aesthetic problems such as acne scars, wrinkles, dull complexion, skin pigmentation, and cellulite. The treatment nourishes and reinforces hair follicles, stimulates natural hair growth, prevents hair loss, and cures alopecia.

Effects of electroporation: Maximizes meso solutions absorption by cells.


The nano-needles cross the skin barrier to the mesoderm level, opening microchannels for the absorption of meso solutions, without causing skin irritation.


Electroporation promotes the penetration of meso solutions, increases the absorption ratio, and helps deliver nutrients to subcutaneous skin tissue.


Electroporation Microchip Technology combines both electroporation and microchip transder-mal technology. This technology penetrates the protective skin-barrier layer, establishes microchannels, and effectively introduces nutrition to the skin mesoderm. Electroporation uses an energy pulse to open intercellular channels in the epidermis and temporarily alters plasma membranes to allow molecules to plunge into the skin’s dermis layer. Electroporation allows the introduction of both micro and macromolecules, including those with molecular weights greater than 800,000 Daltons.


Level 1–5


Level 1–5

Contact depth

Level 1–5


1–5 Hz





F model: 5, H model: 6


0.5 mm

Microneedle Length

0.1 mm

Microneedle Diameter

F model: 5, H model: 6

Micro Channels

0.05 mm

Micro Channel Diameter

F model: 13 mm × 18 mm, H model: 13 mm × 12.5 mm

Treatment Area

F model: 8.2 mm × 8.2 mm, H model: 5.5 mm × 8.6 mm

Microchip Area


30.2 cm × 27.2 cm × 12.6 cm

Machine Size (L×W×H)

33.0 cm × 33.0 cm × 20.0 cm

Internal Packaging Size (L×W×H)

38.0 cm × 38.0 cm × 27.0 cm

External Packaging Size (L×W×H)

2.5 kg

Net Weight

4 kg

Gross Weight

Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 2A, 50 – 60 Hz. Output: 12 VDC, 4A



Lightweight, easy-to-operate applicator The handheld applicator is ergonomically designed for comfort, ease-of operation con￾trol, and low actuation force to reduce hand fatigue.


Through laser-trimming technology, the FORZA XPERT microchip, with hollow nano-needles, supplies equally distributed nutrition to the skin mesoderm, facilitating wide treatment-area coverage. Two types of cartridge are available: one for hair and one for skin treatment.

Adjustable Features

For different application requirements, the Dermaqual device can provide unique treat ment plans. Multi-optional parameters allow features to be adjusted depending on treatment area and aesthetic issue.

Minor Invasiveness
The FORZA XPERT is an innovative needle-free injection device, offering comfortable and painless treatment, without causing trauma or swelling. The FORZA XPERT offers a superior delivery system for today’s enhanced products, ensuring maximum benefit and longer-lasting results, every time.

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